Can Voluma move or shift?

I had injections into the Buccal area and now I have lump on side of my mouth? Also the injections under my eyes are like rocks?

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Voluma in the buccal area

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When Voluma is properly placed onto the cheekbones for midface augmentation, it should not shift or move. I have no experience in placing Voluma in the buccal area, so I am not sure if it would move. Based on your description of a lump and 'rocks,' I would return to your injecting physician as soon as possible for an evaluation. I always recommend that patients see a very experienced injector for their treatment with Voluma. Good luck!

Fort Lauderdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. If Voluma is placed correctly, it shouldn't shift or move. Voluma is indicated for cheek fat loss. If placed in any other area, it may be too thick especially for under eye area. Fortunately, it can be dissolve with a hyaluronidase. I would recommend following up with your provider to help assess the area. I hope this helps!


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It is unusual to put Voluma in the buccal area and there is a lot of movement there so it could have shifted – same with under the eyes. Voluma is typically placed onto the cheekbone or chin area and after a day or so it is fairly “set” but shifting is possible. It can be dissolved by a dermatologist experienced in filler injections using hyaluronidase.

Suzanne Kilmer, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma for mid face projection

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Voluma is an excellent filler for mid face volume projection. We have found it to be safe and effective for the mid face and for the mid cheek. Expert injectors are needed for other areas of the face. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma is Greast for Mid-Face Areas

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Voluma is a great filler for volume correction in the mid-face areas. Lumps and hardness are not very common when it is injected correctly and the post-injection process of massage done correctly. We recommend strongly that the injection be given in the offices of a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon as they are the ones who understand the anatomy of the areas treated the best and where to optimally inject Voluma.

Injections in the buccal area are not very common so I wonder what is going on there and if it is related to the Voluma you had injected. I also worry that under your eye the area feels like a rock – I would use some hyaluronidase here to make the product go away. And I also would want to know if you truly received Voluma – there are “fake” products out there that some people still use, even though they should not. This is a serious problem, as you always do not know what you are injecting into people, which can then create problems that, on occasion, are difficult to correct. Find the right provider and get these concerns taken care of.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question.  Voluma can be molded by the injector during the injection process.  It is not typical for the product to shift after injected.  Set up an appointment with your injector if you have lumps or questions regarding your treatment.  Your injector may be able to massage and correct the areas of concern. 

R. Scott Yarish, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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CAn Voluma move or shift?

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Thank you for your question. Swelling to the injection site is common and can last approx 2 weeks. If you have any lumps, you can schedule a follow up with your injector to have the area massaged. At 2 weeks the product should be settled and swelling resolved. 

Voluma is a dense filler used primarily in the cheek area, where you want to add larger amounts of volume. For the under eyes, Juvederm makes a product called Refine or Teosyl Redensity ll which is softer. Speak to your injector and be assessed. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma and product placement

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Voluma has become my new favorite filler for the mid-face.  I have had beautiful results and have never seen the product shift or move.  However, Volume is not meant to be injected in the buccal area.  If placed in that area it is possible that you are having a side effect from the injection.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist in the area who has experience with these injections since the product may need to be removed.

Does Voluma move

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The lump by your mouth is not Voluma. There is NO way that Voluma can move or shift this much, no matter what. The injection sites under your eyes should not be as hard as rocks and I suggest you revisit your injector asap regarding this. But the lump by your mouth is not Voluma.

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Voluma injection for cheeks - having a problem?

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Our office was one of the first in the area to start making Volume available to our patients, so we have a great deal of experience with it.  In my experience, I have not yet seen Volume shift or move around.  I usually avoid the buccal area, since in my opinion Sculptra has better results in that area, but of course, this is a patient-dependent question and every patient needs individualized consultation and decision making about where, how much, and what to inject for improving aging of the face.

Your best bet is to see the board-certified plastic surgeon that injected you, and ask for advice.

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