What if I didn't use neutraliser after applying 20% glycolic acid?

yesterday i applied a 20% glycolic acid on my face and neck. As per the instructions i even made a baking soda and water sol.but after 4-5 min. Of peeling, when i applied the the baking soda and water sol., It gave a stinging burn so i stopped applying it and immediately washed off the peel with just plain water. Now, today i feel a stretching on my face & neck & even my face colour has became a little dark(probably 1level dark) So i wanna ask is this a burn becouse of not applying neutraliser?

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Chemical Peel

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Thank you for your question. The discoloration on your face after the chemical peel is an early side effect of the procedure and will subside shortly. You are correct to wash off the baking soda and water mixture due to the burning. You should contact your board certified facial plastic surgeon for additional guidance on the recovery instructions that they provided you. 

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What if I didn't use neutraliser after applying 20% glycolic acid?

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Thanks for your query. There could be a possibility that the ratio of baking soda and water wasn’t proper which could have caused the skin to burn and give a post inflammatory hyper pigmentation mark on the face.

The pigmentation is reversible; it might take a few days for the pigmentation to go. Just keep it moisturized and protect from sun. It is advisable to get a peel done by a doctor or in the presence of an experienced person. Hope it helps.

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