Deep Neck Lines and Folds. (photo)

A person have these really deep lines that go in a circle around their neck. They are hereditary. Her father has them and his father had them.   She have tried using a product called rejuveneck but she is seeing no results. As I age the folds get deeper. Tried exercise and everything but they just won't disappear. 

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Horizontal neck folds

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The lines that are present in your neck are simply congenital horizontal neck folds that everyone has. Yours are just more prominent. They will not go away with a facelift. They cannot be surgically excised and removed. It is best to just leave them alone and no facial creams are going to help with this problem either. for many examples of what a neck lift can accomplish in our practice, please see the link below.

Neck Folds in the Back of the Neck

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This is a very tough problem as there are no good options for your problem.  Surgical tightening is possible with a hair line incision but the likelihood of the lines recurring is very high since it is a congenital problem.  The creams and other superficial treatments that some will offer as a solution will not be effective as you have already discovered. 

Fat grafting in an option but it is very expensive and not particularly reliable in terms of outcomes.  Another option would be a filler.  Most fillers are temporary.  You could try a filler in one area to see if you get any satisfying resolution.  If you do, then I would suggest moving on to a permanent filler like Bellafill so that you do not have to keep coming back.

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Horizontal neck lines

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The best solution is fat grafting with a micro needle, the next best solution is fillers. None of these are comletely effective or long lasting, but definitely offer some imporvement

best of luck

Deep horizontal neck lines

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This is probably the most stubborn cosmetic problem when it comes to the neck.  It is difficult to make them all disappear but you can fill them with injections of soft tissue filler, which as you know, is not permanent and needs to be repeated.

Why you hate your neck lines

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as our society becomes more excepting of mobile devices many patients are finding that they are spending extended periods of time with your neck bent looking at their iPad iPhone or smart phone.  This unnatural neck position for extended period of time has led to a increased propensity for neckbands or horizontal neck lines of tension with the neck in the flexed position. Appropriate evaluation for cause of these lines is important to Determine for the selection of the appropriate treatment. Certainly hereditary and genetic causes can lead to a more complex evaluation. In office valuation of these horizontal bands can provide insight as to what treatments may be best indicated for these bands. For example if the patient has thin and wrinkly skin there for interventions should include treatments which thicken the skin.  However if the patient has thick and full skin with excess adipose tissue or excess fat then perhaps a combination of Liposuction and soft tissue excision may be beneficial. 

 Often it is best to consider nonsurgical treatments first as these will be able to be evaluated for their efficacy. However more substantial interventions will often result in more long-lasting and sustainable results 

Neck folds in the young

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I concur with the rest of the surgeons who have commented.

It is very difficult to cure but can be temporized with a combination of fat grafting, liposuction and fillers in some cases.   

I have seen them resected with a large scar followed by laser. This can then be covered up with make-up but does leave a rather large scar which most cosmetic surgeons are hesitant to undertake. 

Best of luck,


Benjamin Caughlin, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Deep Neck Lines and Folds.

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Dear Reader, There is not a good surgical option in my opinion.  Fat grafting may help a little but is questionable.  Good luck and be safe.John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICSDouble Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Deep hereditary neck folds

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The bands themselves will be nearly impossible to remove

Focus on tightening the surrounding adjacent skin with Ulthera and Fractional Laser to improve appearance

Neck folds lines

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The most reliable way to treat this is with surgery. Also in most permanent and cost effective. The skin needs to be undermined and the lines in your neck will fall in a different location.

Treatment of neck lines

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Congenital disorders of the subcutaneous fat are rare, but by no means unheard of. There are several types of disorders in the subcutaneous fat, some congenital and some acquired. Your dermatologist will probably be the most likely to recognize the subtleties of your condition and help make a diagnosis.

Once an underlying etiology is elucidated, you can start looking ahead towards treatment options. These may include either adding or decreasing volume on your neck. There is a new product on the horizon from a company called Kythera that should be approved by the FDA soon. It is currently called ATX–101. The clinical trials for this product looked at its ability to dissolve submental fat, under the chin, and it may provide a future option and some hope as far as treatment for you.

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