Does the dentist have to recommend you to the orthodontist to get Braces?

Do the dentist have to recommend you to the orthodontist to get braces?

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In short, No

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You do not need a referral from your general dentist to see an orthodontist. Dentistry is not like medicine, where you must get a referral from the family doctor for insurance to pay for a specialist's treatment. My suggestion would be to ask your dentist who he would recommend, and also you can ask peers in the community who they have used and their experiences with that particular orthodontist. You can directly call the orthodontist's office to set up a consultation. Good luck in your search!

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Referrals depend on skill and experience of the dentist

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Some dentists are well trained in orthodontics, but it is wise to mention the option of an orthodontic consult with an orthodontist.  It isn't required, but not a bad idea.

Some dentists aren't experienced enough to notice some issues, so the lack of referral is not because they will do the treatment themselves, they simply aren't suggesting treatment at all.  More experienced dentists will offer more treatment options due to having "been there, done that."  Younger dentists often only see "fires to put out", so if it isn't broken or bleeding, there aren't many suggestions.

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