Fat Transfer to Face is Diminishing with Weight Loss, Will it Return if I Gain Weight Back?

I had fat transfer to correct an asymmetry in my jaw several years ago. It's been stable for the last couple of years. However, recently I've been losing weight as a result of an illness and have noticed that the transfer appears to be diminishing as well. I'm wondering if it will come back after I regain some of the weight, or if it's gone forever...

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Fat transfer after weight loss

In my experience, the fat loss in the face that occurs with weight loss does not seem to come back with weight gain.  This appears to be true for natural facial fat as well as for grafted fat.

Fortunately, fat grafting to the face is a relatively safe and simple procedure that can be repeated as often as needed. 

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Facial Fat Transfer

When we transfer fat from one part of the body to another, the volume that is left over time depends on the blood supply it receives as well as an interplay of cellular signals.  The fat cells are programmed by the area they come from (for example, the abdomen/flanks) and interact with the area, or cells, they are transplanted into.  In my experience, when patients gain or lose weight the transplanted fat will similarly increase/decrease to a smaller degree. 

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Fat Volume in Face Diminishing with Weight Loss

Fat in various parts of the body will respond differently to weight gain and loss. Regardless, it is better for you to avoid weight gain. If you want more facial volume, additional fat grafting would be more healthy.

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Will transplanted fat increase in size with weight gain?

The fat grafts may respond like "normal" fat does and vary in volume according to relative weight gain or loss. This is not necessarily always true. If and when you regain the weight, you will then have your anwer.

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Transfered fat and weight loss

In general, if the transferred fat has been around for a few years and 'settled in', it should act like normal body fat and go up and down with weight change.  Illness, if significant, can have a more profound effect and I don't think the subject has been researched.

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Fat Transfer with Weight Loss and Gain

The fat transferred to your face from another part of your body will continue to "act" like fat from the site it was taken.  So, if you gain or loose weight, that fat will also grow or shrink proportionately with the area from which it was harvested.


Good luck.

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