Dark Brown Colour Around Scar, 3 Week Afther Gynecomastia? (photo)

Hello, 3 weeks ago afther my gynecomastia operation the beginning of the incision is starting to pull inside(it's making a litlle well, it's not open) also around the litlle well a dark brown colour is forming(see picture) Any experiences?

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Hyperpigmentation any gynecomastia excision is not uncommon in should fade as the inflammation subsides.

Patients with darker skin sometimes respond to trauma with hyperpigmentation as an accompaniment to inflammation in the healing wound. Most often this will fade over time.

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3 Weeks after Male Breast Reduction and Pigmented Scar

    Having darker pigmentation to the scar 3 weeks after male breast reduction is not particularly worrisome.   The scar should appear less pigmented with time and should improve over the course of a year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Dark Brown Colour Around Scar, 3 Week Afther Gynecomastia?

Appears as some bleeding in the subcutaneous tissue associated with healing. This should resolve in time. 

Dark Brown Colour Around Scar, 3 Week Afther Gynecomastia

This photo is a bit too close up to be certain of what I am looking at, but the incision looks to be healing normally. The pigmentation this early is common and can be expected to resolve. Review at follow ups with your surgeon. 

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