How much will Veneers cost me in Dallas? (Photos)

I have had horrible teeth my entire life. I have a gap in my front 4 teeth (used to be a giant gap, I got braces and they kind of spaced back out. I have had my top back 3 teeth removed on the right hand side (so I can't chew back there) and 1 tooth remove on the left hand side and a bottom tooth on my lower left side. How much would it cost out of pocket to replace my teeth and give me a beautiful smile. I'm working on my credit at the moment so I will most likely be paying out of pocket.

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Options for restoring your smile #DrSoftTouch

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It's important for you to restore your bite before considering veneers to prevent breakage and to prevent your teeth from shifting. I would recommend implants or a partial to replace your missing teeth. Once your back teeth are restored, veneers would be a great option to close spaces and give you a beautifully white smile. I would recommend consulting with an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine your options. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.


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its important for you to know that veneers are not for cases like yours, you have a strong bite, and you do not have posterior teeth, there are some options, you can place implants, and once the posterior are restored, you will be able to change the shape and size and even color of anterior teeth, that way you will have the smile you always wanted, but also you will restore the function of your mouth.

you should search for dental tourism, you can get up to 60% below the prices you will get back home, and many americans and canadians, are traveling abroad to do dental tourism.

Veneers or other approach to correcting smile and function.

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I strongly suggest waiting on veneers until you restore the bite.  A removable partial or  implants can replace the missing teeth.  If veneers are done without posterior support expect breakage, spreading of the teeth and widening spaces. 

You may also develop chronic headaches, migraines or TMJ disorders.

I would suggest seeking a comprehensive solution for long term and possible do some cosmetic bonding in the short term if it makes you feel better about your smile.


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