I got Lumineers in 2006 and my teeth have moved since causing a larger overbite, should I switch to porcelain veneers? (photos)

I had braces in my teens and teeth pulled to correct my overbite but it never worked. I finally got Lumineers in my mid 20's and I was very happy with them for a long time but my teeth have shifted since (I am now in my early 30's) and I feel the overbite has gotten even more massive, my teeth look crooked again and they look somewhat unnatural due to thickness. I am also unhappy with their color now. What would be a good cosmetic solution to solve this? Estimated cost?

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Replace your lumineers with veneers #DrSoftTouch

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Porcelain veneers would be a very good option to reduce the bulkiness and give you the results you desire. If done properly, you'll have a permanently straight, white smile that will last you decades. The cost of veneers varies greatly depending on the dentist you select and region in which you live. Feel free to contact me if you're unable to find someone in your area.  Take care, and I hope this helps. You can click "save" below my name to follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions down the road.

You Lumineers

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Thanks for sending your question. Your smile can be enhance significantly with the replacement of the old Lumineers with natural esthetic porcelain veeners. These veneers can be made to look less bulky and have much more realistic and natural translucency as compared to your existing Lumineers. The colors of the new veneers can also be enhanced as well to your liking. The size and shape of the teeth can also be controlled more as compared to Lumineers. We routinely design the smile of all of our patients to their supporting size, and shape of their face and supporting structures. You should consult with providers in your area that you feel comfortable with to be a good match with your vision.
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Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Should I switch to porcelain veneers from lumineers?

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The lumineers look bulky, so you could get a much nicer result by having them removed and replaced with porcelain veneers.  It may help a little with the overbite, but will not fix completely.  You may be a candidate for Invisalign or orthodontics to bring your upper teeth inward to reduce the overbite before replacing the lumineers. Costs may vary greatly, so best to determine first what you can afford and then interview and have consultations with a few dentists.  Ask them if they can complete your case within your budget.  

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Overbite, crooked, porcelain veneer

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From the photo it appears that your teeth are protruding out particularly in the side view.  In your case, Porcelain veneers would be a very good option to set the teeth back a bit by getting rid of the thickness of the lumineers and help with the alignment and color of your teeth.  

In terms of cost it will depend mainly on two factors, the level of expertise and artistry of the cosmetic dentist and the lab being used to fabricate the veneers.  For example using a master lab technician to get a very natural look can cost alot more than just a regular lab technician.  I would suggest for you to consult a couple of top cosmetic dentists in your area to get an idea of what can be done and cost estimate.



Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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