"Trochanteric depression" or " Hip Dip" surgery?

Ok so he pics below are not of me but are the closest I could find to my situation. I have always had this issue with my hips but now that I am losing weight I seem to be noticing it more. My body goes in under my waist and then out before my hips. I do understand that that is how the body shape is and that every person is different, but I am just wondering what procedures (preferably non surgical) could be done to help or minimize the appearance of these. Thank you.

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Dip in the lateral thigh

What you are referring to is called a zone of adherence where the skin is more tightly adherent to the underlying tissues.  The ideal procedure is liposuction above and below this area with maybe some fat reinjected into the deeper area.  Nonsurgical options would include nonsurgical methods of fat removal such as Coolsculpting above and below the area to make the depression less noticeable.

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Trochanteric depression.

Hello and thank you for your question. Good on you to recognize that anatomical difference. I actually see this problem frequently following lower body lift surgery in post massive and minor weight loss patients.  I therefore have developed a surgical flap to take care of this. In your case it would work well but I believe that liposuction with fat injections to the indented areas would possibly work even better especially since you appear not to have too much skin laxity.
Peter Fisher M.D. 

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Hip Dip Surgery

The trochanteric depression can be treated by either fat injections or an actual implant. Fat injections are preferred as long as one has enough fat to harvest. 

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Hip dip

There are multiple options for improvement of the hip dip and the body contour.
Liposuction, fat graft , combinations and last resort hip implant .
it all depend on the body shape you desire and the physical examination

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