Broken teeth. Crown lengthening vs implant? Not happy (Photo)

Dear all. My right first premolar tooth was crowned 7 years ago on a screw . Suddenly started to move and the end it falls in my hand . So now either implant or crown lengthening surgery will allow dentist reach root of tooth deep inside 3 mm and then install two fiber posts and then crown . I did crown lengthening and I am really upset , the result was not as I like. I do not see it nice . I just did it yesterday so the gum line I don't like . Will the gum stay like this ? What I can do .

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Crown lengthening your tooth.

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Please do not shoot the messenger but my experience with these types of teeth and crown lengthening is not very good. Usually these types of teeth may last about 5-7 years before they break again. They are so broken down with root canals and posts/pins they do often break and cannot be saved. By the time you spend the money to do crown lengthening and crowning you might as well do an implant and crown for maybe a little more money but a much longer lasting result. Implants are lasting at least 15-20 years or more in many cases. Concerning your gum tissue, you need to wait for about 6-8 weeks before you will know if it was successful.

Go for an implant,

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this will be the best way , and you will have a strong implant working, the restored tooth, will never be as strong as an implant, and it will work with better long term results. the only thing that it would be important to know its that the waiting time for an implant is for at least 3 months, and when you do the extraction you can place immediately the implant. but an amazing result would be from this.

Crown Lengthening vs Dental Implant

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Hello Dear,

May be their must be some problem in the treatment otherwise this will not happen. Even modern dental crowns, inlays, and onlays restore structurally compromised teeth to full function, durability, and beauty. Also custom-made crown covers the portion of a tooth that extends above the gum line. 

You should consult with some another dentist regarding this and don't worry this will not stay like this.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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