I have a vein run down the middle of my forehead now for a few years. It never disappears? (Photo)

I have a vein run down the middle of my forehead now for a few years. It never disappears. Can it be treated? & why did it show in the first place?. It's effecting my confidence.

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Forehead veins can be removed

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You may be a candidate for microphlebectomy to remove the vein. However, there may be associated tributaries. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Forehead veins.

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Your posted picture shows an enlarged frontal forehead vein which can be treated either by sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy or  a combination of both.  This is done with an office procedure under local anesthesia and is associated with minimum down time with very excellent cosmetic results.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

Forehead vein

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Yes, this your forehead vein can be treated.  Based on the size in the picture, I would recommend sclerotherapy or a microphlebectomy.  These are both done in the office with minimal downtime.

Find someone experienced with veins, especially facial veins.  Veins in the forehead are often a result of genetics.  They will become more prominent when you exercise, smile, laugh, etc. due to slightly increased pressure.  

Good luck to you,

Dr. Powell

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