Could cutting depressor septi muscle improve the nose tip? (photo)

I'm looking for a minimally invasive way to lift my nose tip. Could Botox or cutting the depressor septi muscle improve these areas? My nose does turn down (pretty much I think) when I smile. so I know it would probably improve that area. AND BASED ON MY PICTURE, how much would it be?

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Drooping tip, Could cutting depressor septi muscle improve the nose tip?

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Thanks for your question and photos.
-The depressor speti can be released and that would give an improvement for the shape of the tip by allowing the   tip to be lifted minimally. 
-Botox can also relax that muscle and help the shape of a drooping tip.
- If the Width of the nasal base is an issue, then alar base reduction can be used with muscle modification to    improve the tip. When the alar base move up with smiling this may be the best option.
This can be done in office and we have done it for many patient with reasonable and affordable cost under local.
-For more information.please refer to a landmark article that I have written which is published in aesthetic plastic surgery journal on Algorithm for correction of drooping tip. 
Hope this was helpful.
Dr. Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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It would be simple, relatively affordable, and REVERSIBLE for you to try Botox or an equivalent product and see if the results satisfy you. Remember though that this would need to be repeated 2-4 times per year to maintain the results. This could also tell you if surgical division/resection of the muscle would be a reasonable long term solution.....or not.

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Your drooping tip is more complex than the depressor septi muscle.  While it is true that the muscle pulls the tip down when you smile, this is also in part due to the excessive size of the septum which causes the tip to be on tension.  To best address your concern you would likely need a septorhinoplasty with release of the depressor septi muscles.  A more informed opinion could be made if you were to visit me in the office.   Botox is a good thought but is not the best solution for your situation.

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
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Hi K,
Great photos!
A recent study, not yet published, showed the tip support is the main issue, not the DNS. Botox or Xeomin works good too. I would not have my muscle cut based on recent findings.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

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