Can Crooked Nose Tip Be Fixed?

My nose tip is crooked; can it be fixed? One side if my cartilage has fallen down and I think it's due to my improper sleeping position. Can it be repositioned to the original position?

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Crooked Tip Can Be Fixed!

A crooked tip can be fixed with Rhinoplasty. Symmetry can be improved, but do not expect perfection

Discuss your concerns with a well qualified surgeon.

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Fixing a crooked nose

The first step in fixing a crooked nose is to identify which portions of the nose (nasal bones, septum, tip cartilages) are causing the nose to appear deviated. There are very specific rhinoplasty techniques which can be used to address each of these areas. Be sure to consult with a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. An external deviation is often associated with narrowing of the airway on one or both sides, so straightening the nose may improve your ability to breathe as well. In cases such as this, a portion of the cost of your surgery may be also covered by your insurance. Best of luck.


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It is unlikely that your crooked nose is due to your sleeping habits. It is more likely due to developmental factors.

  • If you have had surgery or trauma then these factors should be considered also.

Depending on the severity of the crookedness of your nose, a surgeon may or may not be able to correct it to it's proper position. A simple consultation with a plastic surgeon should provide information and options for your unique situation.

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Fix a crooked nose?

Of course, a crooked nose can be fixed. Often a crooked nose is due to trauma or is a congential deformity. The optimal way to correct a deviated nose is through an open approach rhinoplasty after a careful analysis of the nose. Often the patients own cartilage can be used to correct or reconstruct the nose and bring it back to a normal or symmetric position. The nose should be balanced with the patients overall facial structure, size and shape.

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Crooked nasal tip can be repaired

A crooked nasal tip can be repaired.  It is not likely that your sleeping position caused this abnormality.  In my experience, the most likely cause of a crooked nasal tip is a deviated septum.  Other causes include twisting and asymmetries of the lower lateral cartilages.  A complete nasal exam is imperative to determine what the root cause of your problem and how it should be repaired.

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Fixing a crooked nose

Rhinoplasty can straighten or improve a deviated nose. It is a difficult undertaking, but improvements can be made. Sometimes the result is not a perfectly straight nose, but an improved one. I doubt that the cartilages in your nose collapsed because of the way you're sleeping

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A crooked nose tip CAN be fixed

First, don't blame yourself. It is highly unlikely you caused any crookedness to your nose with your sleeping position, unless you suffered major trauma to your nose.

A crooked tip may be due to asymmetries in the position of the tip cartilages and this can be corrected with permanent suturing techniques. Sometimes the cartilages may need to be cut and resewn together to fully solve the problem.

In any case, you should be able to get a natural and long-lasting result. Visit a facial plastic surgeon for a through evaluation.

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A Fix for Crooked Noses

  The answer is yes and maybe. Crooked noses are one of the most difficult procedures to completely correct. There are many factors including a deviated septum which may cause your nose to be crooked. Because of this it is imperative that you see a physician with ear nose and throat training or a physician with experience in doing internal nasal surgery. You should consult several doctors and get their opinions. In your consultation,ask to see patient with a similar problem you have in order to choose the right physician for you. You may also need cartilage grafts in order to correct your problem.

Good Luck

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Crooked tip of nose can be fixed.

Most patients have at least a little asymmetry of the nasal tip.  When exaggerated, it can be corrected by adjusting the two cartilages that for the tip.  Perfect symmetry is unlikely, but most noses can be made to look a lot better.

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Correcting the Crooked Nose

The crooked nose is a complex problem that can be multifactorial in nature.  This can be related to a curved septum (e.g., C-shaped, S-shaped), or deformities involving the lower lateral cartilages of the nasal tip. Distorted attachments of the upper lateral cartilages to the nasal bones, as well as deviations of the nasal bones themselves, can contribute to this deformity.  Correction of the crooked nose is certainly feasible provided care is taken to delineate each of the contributing factors and a treatment plan addressing each is implemented..

Best of luck,

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