Nose Too Long After Rhinoplasty

I am worried that the Rhinoplasty has left the length of my nose too long, as when I look at my nose, it looks exactly the same size even though he has stated that he has reduced the size/width/length in proportion to my face. I don't feel this is the case. Could this be due to swelling and is this possible that the length will still reduce?

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It depends on how long ago it was done.

 If it has been 6-12 months since your surgery, it will change very little. Wait at least that long and if you are not satisfied return to your doctor. If you are not satisfied with his answer, get a second opinion from an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Depends on how long ago you had surgery


If your surgery was less than 6 months ago then you should still see some visible changes in the length and size. If it was done long ago then most likely what you see is what you get unfortunately.

The good news is that "errors" of rhinoplasty where too much is left behind are easier to correct and less costly than errors where too much was removed aggressively, needing rebuilding. I guess that's the good news but the bad news is that you may need another surgery if this was done a year ago and you are still unhappy with the size.

The last part of the puzzle is making sure your expectations and goals are realistic. If they are then you should have had a more favorable outcome.

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Length of nose after rhinoplasty

It depends on how far after your surgery you are and what maneuvers were performed. If you are within 6 months of the surgery and surgical maneuvers were performed that rely on scar contracture to rotate the nose and therefore shorten it, then it likely will change over time. If you are too far out from your surgery or that those techniques were not used then likely it will not change much more.

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It's too soon to judge your final Rhinoplasty-result after only 10 days.

You're very swollen now, and you'll see refinement over the ensuing weeks. You should address these concerns with your surgeon. Ask to see before and after photos which always tell the story. For now, be patient for a couple of weeks till more of the swelling settles down.

Best regards.

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