Is Coughing After Rhinoplasty of Concern?

I just has a septoplasty and rhinoplasty yesterday and have had to cough a lot. In addition, I'm feeling lots of congestion and have been fighting off sneezes. What can I do to minimize coughing and sneezing? What happens if I do?

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Risk of Coughing after Nose Surgery

Coughing,vomiting and straining are associated with a sudden spike in blood pressure which in the first few days after surgery may be associated with bleeding and swelling. Consult with your surgeon to see if a cough suppressant should be used. 

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Post Rhinoplasty coughing and sneezing

Slight coughing post surgery is sometimes common in patients depending on the type of anesthesia received. In rhinoplasty patients you will get some post nasal drip that may further aggravate this situation. If you develop any fever report this to your surgeon immediately. Contact your surgeons office as your anesthesiologist and/or surgeon may want to give you some directions for breathing exercises and may want to see you for a post operative examination and listen to your chest. In the interim know that congestion is normal post rhinoplasty and if you need to sneeze try and make sure you open your mouth and do not sneeze through your nose. You should sleep elevated and stay away from dairy products as these may add to your congestion. Wishing you a quick recovery. Best regards!
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Coughing or Sneezing after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Coughing, sneezing, or congestion is common after rhinoplasty, especially right after surgery. Most plastic surgeons don't want their patients to blow their nose too hard and try to minimize coughing and sneezing. Severe coughing or nose-blowing may cause more bleeding or bruising, for example. An over-the-counter antihistamine, cough suppressant, or mucous thinner may possibly help alleviate the symptoms. However, you should speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon to help determine appropriate options for you.

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