Correction of Scleral Show? (Photo)

I am wondering, what surgical procedures would be best to correct my scleral show and provide me with a positive canthal tilt? I believe I have a negative vector, and/or weak cheekbones. Thank you.

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Impossible to give you an answer

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impossible to give you an accurate answer with this picture, this picture was partially taken from above, most likely making your scleral show worse.
You need to have a consulation with a plastic surgeon member of the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery ( this will assure you of board certification and a cosmetic practice). 
There are several possible options but it will depend on your particular problem after a complete examination.

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Canthopexy is the procedure done to correct scleral show

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Thank you for your question and photograph.  The procedure call canthopexy is most often done to correct scleral show and tilt the lower eyelid upward.  Be sure to consult and experienced plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon for this complex procedure

It is important to know if you have had prior eyelid surgery.

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Generally, few surgeon's are going to really understand how to address you lower eyelid issue.  Yes, this is a negative vector situation.  The consultation is essential for assess your best options.  This includes your prior history, and what you are willing to go through in order to have this corrected.  Isolated procedures are unlikely to be of much help.  Examples would be isolated canthal resuspension which can actually make the lower eyelid retraction worse, or isolated hard palate graft which can make for a long thin eyelid.  This may be a situation where a hand carved ePTFE rim implant to expand and strengthen the orbital rim with a vertical mid face lift.  This is internally supported with a hard palate graft and canthal surgery.  You can study my website to learn more about this approach.

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Scleral show

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I would suggest you get a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery. There are many options, based on an examination. Photos alone are not complete.

Rick Rosen, MD
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