Is it possible to correct a droopy nosetip(esp. when laughing) without having to rotate the whole nose projection higher?

I want my nose to be more supported to avoid droopy smile,without having to project every part of the nose higher:alar structure,nostril projection and the this would change my looks too much. I do want my nosetip to be projected slightly higher(shortening the troopy tip+ adding tissue where it lacks+lowering the bridge)But I want it in a way that my nostrils stay untouched(in a way they would match the shortened and higher tip)my nose:semislim,verylittlskin,narrow troopy cartilage&bridge

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Is it possible to correct a droopy nosetip(esp. when laughing) without having to rotate the whole nose projection higher?

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Depressor septi release or resection can be performed.

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Rhinoplasty candidate to correct a droopy tip when laughing

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Without any pictures at impossible to give an opinion on what may or may not be required with the cartilaginous structure of your nose. Some patients have a depressor septi ligament, and when that is present, it pulls the tip of the nose downward with animation and smiling. Releasing of the depressor septi ligament prevents the droopy tip from occurring upon animation. This can be performed as part of the rhinoplasty procedure or as a stand-alone procedure.

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Altering the tip position upon facial animation

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This is very common to happen.  It is due to a muscle that extends from your lip to the base of the septum/tip complex called the depressor septi muscle.  This can be cut and the pull down of the tip of the nose with labial animation can be improved upon.  Now, you spoke of rotation and projection.  These are two different issues.  Rotation will be altered if a cartilage strut is placed (this will also alter projection) or if the cartilages are refined and the tip allowed to rotate to a higher position.  Rotation will be double impacted by cutting the muscle, refining the tip, and reducing the hump.  So you have to be careful that too much is not done at one sitting.  For all intensive purposes, the nostrils should not be impacted, but by over-rotation the nostrils can be more visible.
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Droopy nasal tip on smiling

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The easiest way to reduce the droopy appearance of the nasal tip is to cut a muscle (Depressor Septi) that pulls the tip down during a smile. It would only help during a smile. If you want to have less droopy appearance at all times then you need a tip plasty or a gently reduction of the dorsal hump that will rotate your tip upwards. 
All this can be done without projecting every part of your nose higher. 
Dr. J
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