Is It Common to Cut my Frenulum During a Rhinoplasty?

I noticed that the frenulum of my upper lip was cut during a rhinoplasty I had 5 years ago. I was wondering why this would be done?

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Frenulum and Rhinoplasty

Cutting of the frenulum is not a common procedure to be done during rhinoplasty.   Your surgeon may have had a reason to do this (perhaps to lessen nasal tip depression or upper lip movement with smiling) but most likely  would have discussed this with you prior to surgery.   If you have a question about it, I would discuss it with your surgeon.

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Frenulum not commonly cut during Rhinoplasty

The frenulum, tissue band between the upper lip and gum, is typically not cut during rhinoplasty. Some surgeons might place facial implants during rhinoplasty, which could cut the frenulum. Speak with your surgeon regarding any concerns you may have. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


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Frenulum cut after rhinoplasty

It is certainly unusual to cut  the frenulum.  It may have been to divide muscles that pull the nose down.  You could check with the surgeon.

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Is It Common to Cut my Frenulum During a Rhinoplasty?

As stated best to call your operative surgeon to discuss this issue. But 5 years I doubt he would remember if it was done and why, but worth a call. 

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Frenum cut with rhinoplasty

The only reason that it may have been cut would be for access to the nasal depressor musculature to decrease nasal tip downward movement with smiling.  Discuss this with your surgeon for the answer.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Frenulum and rhinoplasty

It is not standard practice to do this.  Have you had any other procedures since then, including dental work?

If not, you may want to check with your doctor how the procedure was performed, and what he was trying to accomplish by performing this maneuver.

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