Can You Actually Feel You Nose Growing, or is It Something Else?

I'm a 14 year old girl, I've had rhinoplasty plans for about a year now. One half of the nose is like a bigger version of the other half. The nostril is bigger, more cartilage in the tip, I've got a bump on that side which I haven't got on the other side. Yesterday the bigger half of my nose felt numb, it was tingling and I couldn't stop it. I tried with cold water but it didn't stop. Was this my nose growing? (I've been feeling this for 10 hours) Cass

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Can I feel my Nose growing

In my thirty years of experience in rhinoplasty surgery I have not had anyone explain this feeling before unless they are post dental surgery where xylocaine injections may have been used and cause some numbness and tingling in the nose. Typically by your age the nose is close to it's full maturity. I would wait until you were at least sixteen to consider rhinoplasty surgery as your facial features will still develop and the nose needs to be aesthetically pleasing and balanced with your other features. Best regards!

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Asymmetrical nose

Dear Verano,

Interesting question. Facial asymmetry is not uncommon. What does concern me is this 'tingling' sensation accompanied by one sided growth of your nose. I would highly recommend an exam by a licensed physician as soon as possible. Best of luck, Dr. H

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