Can I be having an allergic reaction to tear trough implant? If implants are removed, will I be left with hollowness? (Photos)

One month ago I had tear trough implant surgery with fat removal to correct under eye bags. Several days ago, I developed considerable redness/ swelling/tingling under both eyes. My doctor said he has never heard of anyone having an allergic reaction to implants and put me on a steroid. He explained that implants may have to be removed. If removed, will there be enough scar tissue to leave me with the same result as if the implant was there or will I be left with hollowness?

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Reaction to implant

I'm sorry that you're having such a tough time after your surgery.  I am glad to hear that your surgeon is following you closely.  If there is an infection or allergic reaction, the implant should be removed.  Pain and fevers would be the sign of an infection.  I agree that allergic reactions to implants are very rare.  Fillers or fat grafting are the usual standard of care for improving periorbital hollows like the tear trough.  I wish you a speedy recovery!  

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if you have redness and swelling and there are signs of infection, then the implants may have to come out. It is hard to predict how the tissues will respond but likely you will appear flatter.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Tear trough implant problems

If the implants are silicone, it would be highly unlikely that you are having an allergic reaction to them. I would want to have you on an antibiotic as well as the steroid, and if things don't improve, the implants would need to be removed. After removal, you will not get the fullness like you would with the implants. More than likely, you would just go back to the way you would have been without the implants.

Andrew Campbell, M.D.

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Andrew Campbell, MD
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