Does Very Cold Weather Increase Nose Tip Swelling?

I had rhinoplasty on my nose bridge and a very small revision of the nasal tip 3 weeks ago. Last weekend I spent a weekend outside in very cold weather (around 25F)and since then my nose tip is visibly more swollen than before. Before other people were not able to see the swelling, however, now they do notice it. Should long periods of walking or cycling in cold weather be avoided?

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Cold Weather Increasing Nasal Swelling Post-op

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At 3 weeks after surgery, you have obviously irritated the nasal tip where circulation is still not normal. This will recover, but avoid extreme cold for another 6-8 weeks.

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Swelling following rhinoplasty

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If anything, cold weather should reduce nasal edema, but everyone is different.  As you may have read, mild residual swelling may persist for 6 months to a year following rhinoplasty.  There is no reason to avoid the cold weather that I am aware of.  Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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Nasal tip rhinoplasty

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Cold weather should not make your nasal tip more swollen, but you are within the time frame for the most noticeable swelling to occur.  By six weeks after surgery, your swelling will begin to come down gradually.  Some days, the nasal tip will appear more swollen than others, which is very typical.  Best wishes, /nsn.

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