Why Do I Have Exposed Nostrils?

Before rhinoplasty I had a long, strong nose. I was looking to have a more slimmer nose and a bit more of projection on the tip. I ended up with a short, stubby nose with exposed nostrils and a bulbous tip. Why did this take place? How can it be corrected? What needs to happen to get rid of the exposed nostrils? Should I have to pay again? This is not what I requested and I clearly had a better nose before. Now I am scared to use the same surgeon as the result is what I had asked for.

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Exposed Nostrils

It sounds like your nose is over-rotated and cartilage grafts will be necessary during revision surgery. If you don't feel comfortable with your first surgeon, get a second opinion from an individual  who does a lot of revision work.

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Exposed nostrils after rhinoplasty.

This is what we call a short nose and it requires grafts from the septum or ear to correct this. Make sure you see a revision rhinoplasty expert to do this.

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