How does it feel to get external splint removed and stitches after 7 days post septorhinoplasty? (photo)

When I got the packing removed was when I first felt the pain for the surgery and now I am scared of the pain I will get from getting the external splint removed and stitches. I wanted to know how exactly it feEl to get them out and off. I also wanted to know if they the nurse clean the crust off before removing it I have a lot of crust built up on inside the tape tip of the nose I've been using the nasal spray and Q-tips to clean it but it's still some left?

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Sutures and splint shouldn't bother much after rhinoplasty

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splint should be getting loose by itself and come off easily without pain....if it's really stuck no reason it couldn't stay a bit longer. sutures might pinch a tiny bit, especially if scabby. certainly not something to be overly concerned about. the "cleaner" they are, the easier they will come out. good are almost over the hump.

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Splint removal after rhinoplasty

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Usually removing the stitches and splint are not too uncomfortable. Often patients feel relieved when they are removed. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Splint Removal

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Dear AminaT87,

If you already had the packing out I would say the worst is over! The splint removal typically does not hurt, it could feel like a small amount of pressure, but when it is gently removed it usually doesn't bother the patients. The suture removal can be compared to "nose hairs being pulled" so it could sting but is typically not bad for the patient. The nurse will most likely clean the crust off, and you can ask that they do beforehand. Best of luck!

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