What Can I Expect For My Profile From Chin Surgery Vs Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi. My jaw points down and my chin is week. I would like my jaw to appear more squared. My bite/teeth are excellent, and I don't want to do anything to disturb that. I've thought about chin implants, but I worry that it may accentuate the downward angle of my jaw. Also, my nose has a high bridge, so I am wondering if rhinoplasty might off set the look of the jaw. Right now, my jaw line and the bridge of my nose are almost parallel lines. What are my options?

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What Can I Expect For My Profile From Chin Surgery Vs Rhinoplasty?

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  Let me start out by saying that the proper way to evaluate the face, on profile, is for the jaw to be at a 90 degree angle with the neck.  In this picture your chin and face are pointing downwards, making the chin appear weaker than it may in fact be.  Aesthetically speaking, if the chin is weak, determined by an imaginary line drawn downward from the lower lip, a Chin Implant placed through an incision under the chin would augment the chin without affecting the bite.  

  The nose has a slight hump that could be removed but I can't evaluate the tip rotation or projection since the nose is also facing downwards and is not at the aesthetic rest/start point.  Be sure that the Rhinoplasty Surgeon, you select, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty foir the creation of a naturally, more attractive face and nose.

Chin or nasal surgery?

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Chin or nasal surgery? I think your nose could look better with the bump-convexity removed. This softens the look of the face. I would need to see photos of your chin since it looks like you do NOT need an implant, but rather a shave of the vertical excess of the chin. Need to see photos and xrays. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Changing the Steep Plane Angle and Facial Profile

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You do have a weaker chin and a very steep mandibular plane angle, which parallels that of the dorsal line of the nose. Your efforts on changing your facial profile should focus on the jawline and not the nose. The jawline can be changed in two ways, a chin procedure alone or a combined chin and jaw angle procedure. The chin may be done with either an implant or an osteotomy. The benefit of the osteotomy is that it will bring the chin forward as well as vertically shorten it, which is the combination that you need. An implant can not create that same effect. Jaw angle implants will lengthen the high angle area, which in combination with a chin osteotomy, will change the whole look to the jawline and lower face. Either of these approaches should be evaluated by computer imaging so you can see what different effects they have on the lower third of your face and facial profile.

Chin implant

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I do not think a chin implant will accentuate the downward angle. If you photoshop your photo adding just in front of the chin, nothing below it, I think you will see that the look gets you closer to what you want. If you get the square chin implant though it will masculinize your profile. You may be a candidate for the jaw chin implant combination. You should investigate that option before proceeding with any surgery to see if that might give you the desired look.

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Aaron Stone, MD
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Jaw Angle, Chin Implant, and Rhinoplasty

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I would need to see you in person, from different angles, and in movement to answer this question accurately.  However, based on this one picture, I think you might benefit from angle of jaw implants as well as a chin implant. 

Angle of jaw implants are inserted at the back corner of your jaw where it turns from the up/down part to the forward/backward part (the area around where your molars are).  These implants come in two styles.  One style is designed to give you a wider appearance from the front, and the other is designed to make the line of the jaw lower and more back.  You would be considering the second type.  The result of this would be to make your jaw line more horizontal by lowering the back part of it.  This type of implant is not common so you may have some trouble finding a surgeon who does them.

The chin implant is supposed to be placed on the front side of the jaw bone, causing your jaw to have more projection forward, not downward.  This would also benefit you, but I don't think you need an overly large implant. 

As far as the nose profile is concerned.  It is a matter of personal preference, but you might want a little taken off of the top (dorsum/bridge).    You have a very straight dorsum and perhaps even a slight hump, which is fine, but a slight amount of removal would make it a bit softer and more feminine.

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