How Easy is It to Replace a Chin Implant?

I'm female and 9 months ago I had a silicone chin implant with wings put in at the suggestion of my surgeon. I only wanted added projection, I liked my face shape. But the implant has completely changed my face shape to look like a blob from front! I'm unhappy with it, and would like a smaller, more feminine one to try and get my face shape back. How easy is this? Does it require general anesthesia and what is the healing time?

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Replacing chin implant

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Chin implants can be removed under local anesthesia if you want. Depending on the shape of your current implant one could either custom-carve the implant or replace it with a different one to create the results you want.

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Replacing Chin Implant

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A chin implant can be removed and replaced with another - this can easily be done under local anesthesia if you want. The size and design of the new implant will be determined by you and your surgeon after discussing your goals. 

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If you're unhappy with your Chin Implant, removal is relatively straightforward.

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Sorry you're not happy with your implant. Replacement with a smaller implant is feasible, or if you want to get the implant out and live without one, this could be performed with local anesthetic and minimal downtime or inconvenience.

Dr. Eppley's response is thoughtful, and may be the best option for you to consider and discuss with your surgeon.

I almost exclusively use "extended anatomical" implants, and when placed properly, these have been well received by my patients. The rationale for placing extended implants, as opposed to smaller implants, is to allow a smooth transition from your chin to your jowls. There is not a lot of volume by the "wings" of the implant, so I'm not sure why your implant caused such a dramatic change in the shape of your face.

You may want to repost your question with before and after photos.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Joseph

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Chin Implant Revision With Different Implant Design

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While anatomical or winged chin implants are popular today, they often are not good choices for women. The wings add width to the chin making it more round which is not a pleasing feminine facial shape for the lower face. You would be better off with more of a 'central button' style chin implant that adds projection and makes the chin appear more tapered or narrow from the front. That would be an easy replacement (or modify the chin implant you now have in) since the pocket has been already established. It could be done comfortable under either local or Iv sedation anesthesia.

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