Sliding Genioplasty Has Left my Face Too Narrow Can It Be Corrected?

I had sliding genioplasty 5 weeks ago to correct a receding chin and short jaw. My profile is now wonderfully improved. However my face, face-on is now too narrow and a different shape and my chin too pointy. It doesn't suit the rest of my facial features and I do not look like me. What could be done to correct this please?

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Improving narrow face from prior sliding genioplasty

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It is possible to improve a narrow face from a prior sliding genioplasty surgery using either pre-jowl implants or soft tissue filler (injectible or facial fat grafting). Pre-jowl implants are similar to regular chin implants except that the central portion is very thin and the augmentation is achieved on the outer portions only.

An filler injection with radiesse, restylane, juvederm, etc. would allow for a temporary treatment of the area. Fat transfer using your own fat could also be considered to help with augmenting the region.

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Correction Of Narrow Chin After Osteoplastic Genioplasty

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Sliding genioplasties very commonly cause frontal chin narrowing. This is because the procedure is essentially sliding a u-shaped segment of bone in front of a bigger u-shaped piece of bone behind it. By definitiion this makes a more narrow and even potentially pointy chin. This can be treated secondarily by using a specific implant known as a prejowl implant where the fullness is all out to the sides or to modifiy an anatomic chin implant so there is minimal thickness at the anterior chin point in the middle. Essentially building out the sides of the chin back to the anterior body of the mandible will make it wider in the frontal view. 

Sliding genioplasty

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You need to compare pictures before the genioplasy and after the the genioplasty. Analyze the changes in the chin and face .  You may need fat grafting to correct certain changes

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