Chin Implant Concerns

How is Chin implant pain and recovery time compared to face or neck lift? Part of my procedure will be a chin implant. How painful is this post surgery and what other recovery requirements are there? I have read you can only have liquids but for how long? I lose weight easily.

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Chin implant recovery relatively easy

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Although swelling and tightness can persist for a few weeks the overall recovery form a chin implant is relatively quick and easy. 

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Chin Implant will not add to Facelift recovery

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If planned appropriately, chin or chin/pre-jowl implants can really put the "icing on the cake" of facelift surgery. It usually does not add to the recovery time itself. For the first few days, there is commonly added pain, though primarily related to chewing and jaw motion (the pocket for the implant hugs the insertion of main chewing muscle called masseter muscle). Therefore, we recommend a soft diet for the first 4 to 5 days. If you do not want to lose weight, you may consider adding a couple of high calorie drinks (Ensure etc.) to your diet for this time period.

Initial swelling will be more pronounced around the chin but should decrease at least as fast as in the remainder of the face.

Best of luck!

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Chin Implant Recovery Time

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Compared to a facelift or neck lift a chin augmentation is "a piece of cake" for most. It does not add any significant recovery time if done with other procedures. If the incision is made in the chin skin crease then you can eat just about anything without problems. Below are some general guidelines:

Recovery from chin augmentation surgery will vary with the the type of implant and incision used, and whether other procedures were done at the same time. The chin augmentation recovery process is not considered to be painful relative to other surgeries; oral medication will control pain for the first few days, and after that no pain medicine is typically needed.

The evening of your surgery date, your lower lip and mouth may feel numb, as if you’ve been to the dentist. As sensation returns, your lower jaw will feel tight and sore from your body’s natural swelling response. It is at this point that you can take your pain medication, if necessary. You are encouraged to engage in light activity. If your implant was placed through an incision beneath your chin, the sutures (if they are not self dissolving) will be removed after 5–10 days. If your chin augmentation was performed through the mouth, you will be on a liquid or soft-foods diet for a few days while your mucosal skin heals. You will rinse your mouth out regularly to keep the incision clean.

The sutures will dissolve on their own over the course of a few weeks.You will experience an odd sensation in your chin for a time while your nerves return to their normal function.

Visible swelling will subside within 2 weeks

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The chin implant will make the chin area a little bit more swollen and painful. Most of the visual swelling will subside within two weeks after the chin implant. The face and the neck lift is surgery to tighten the muscles and excess facial skin. The chin implant is a bony augmentation, placing a synthetic implant over the bone to augment the existing chin. The first couple of days after the surgery, diet should include soft foods and liquids and then progress to a regular normal diet within a couple of days.

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Chin implant should not considerably add to your recovery

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The chin implant should not considerably add to your recovery.  It will add some blunt pain to the chin area, and numbness to the lip is possible.  The main things to recover from in face lift is bruising which is not predictable, and swelling which shouldn't be that bad.

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