Can Chin Implants Be Knocked out of Alignment?

My 16-year-old son is interested in getting a nose job and a chin implant. Since he is on his high shcool wrestling team, is it possible for the chin implant to be knocked out of alignment after the full recovery?

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Once healed, chin implants are solid and heal directly against the bone. I believe that you would have to sustain a blow directly to the chin so hard that it would be more likely that you would fracture your jaw, than move the implant.

Chin implants are one of my favorite operations and combined with a rhinoplasty the procedures can significantly enhance one's appearance and self confidence. The chin is an important part of the face as witnessed by the many phrases we have in our society like: "keep your chin up", "he took it on the chin", "by the hair of your chiny chin chin" etc.

A recent study of the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies showed that not only are CEO's taller than the average poplulation, but they also tend to have a stronger chin than the general population. With the exception of people who started their own company, as opposed to being hired for the job. Such as Bill Gates, who has a soft chin.

Good luck.

Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and they will advise you accordingly.

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Chin implants can shift

Chin implants in most cases are stable with excellent cosmetic improvements where facial convexity and profile are concerned. Chin implants vary widely however in shape and material. They can be made of solid silicone, or of a plastic material polyethylene. They can be shaped as a small button, or extended along the length of the lower jaw and blended according to need. They can be fixed to the bone, or shaped to rest against it.

Chin implants are not free of problems or risks, though risk can be managed. Shifting does occur in some implants over time yet trauma is unlikely to cause the shift. A well selected and placed chin implant can last a lifetime.

A note of caution concerning Rhinoplasty: contact sports such as football, wrestling, and even basketball do raise a red flag. With Rhinoplasty even after full healing the nose is more easily fractured in contact sports. You may want to wait until the last season is over to protect your investment.

Best of luck.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Chin implants can shift with enough force


In general, chin implants are very stable. However, early after surgery, before the body has fully incorporated the implant, it is possible for it to shift. Even over time, if there is significant force, it would be possible for it to shift.

My advice would be to hold off on the surgery until your son is not participating is such activities.

David Shafer, MD
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Chin Implant Shifting

Yes, chin implants can shift if trauma occurs early in the recovery process.  As each week passes, it becomes much more difficult for this to occur.  Ultimately, the chin implant should become integrated with the body so that shifting can become more difficult.  

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Chin implants are better tolerated

I have had football players have nosejobs and then re-injure the nose and destroy our goodwork. I have a son who is a wrestler and has had his nose pushed into the mat many times. Your son should wait until his wrsetling career is over before undergoing a cosmetic rhinoplasty. As for the chin implant, these are better tolerated.

Robert M. Freund, MD
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Yes, but only through significant trauma early after surgery

The short answer is yes. A significant trauma early after surgery could do that. In general, the implant is placed in a very tight pocket and is stable but not to the point of tolerating direct trauma. I would also think about the nose job. It will be much more disturbing to have trauma to the nose following Rhinoplasty.

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It is highly unlikely that it could be knocked out of position

When the body heals, it firmly secures the implant in the position it was placed. If it was placed correctly, then it should stay there. It would require a tremendous amount of force to move it, and that amount would probably fracture the jaw.

I have been doing this for years and have never seen one be moved by trauma.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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I would not put a chin implant in a wrestler or a boxer

To ericl123,

Hi! Chin implants are safe, quick and easy to do,and stable. I use them very frequently (more in boys than in girls because a strong jaw line is even more important for an attractive male appearance). But they are not immune to trauma.

Your son should just do his nose now, or put off both procedures until his wrestling career is over.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Not after the initial healing

Having been a wrestler myself, I can tell you there is a great deal of trauma to the chin and nose in wrestling. So the best time to have the surgery is after the wrestling season ends. Once the implant and nose are healed, it will take as much force to move the implant as to break the jaw. So enjoy your wrestling and avoid a "sugarloaf".

Toby Mayer, MD
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Chin Implants are Stable


Most chin implants are made of hard silicone rubber. The implants are usually inserted either through an incision inside the mouth or under the chin. Most surgeons place the implant under the periosteum, which is the outer covering layer of the bone. Some doctors will also secure the implant with sutures to hold it in place during the healing process.

After 6 to 8 weeks the implant is very secure under the periosteum, it would be very unlikely to move under normal circumstances, but a direct blow to the chin could possibly dislodge the implant.

Most surgeons would also recommend avoiding any direct blows to the nose or contact sports after a rhinoplasty. It is important to seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can go over all these details with you before surgery.

Good Luck

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