Chicagoland Docs Good With Scar Revision of Indented Liposuction Scars? (photo)

I had lipo done to my calves.My calves look great-happy with results but not happy with the indented scars.3 of 8 incisions are indented.The incisions were left open to drain.I understand some docs do this and some don’t.They are very small incisions but I still do not like that they are indented.I feel like I would have been better off if they were stitched up and became keloid scars this way I could flatten them with scar strips like I have done in the past.

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Revision of Liposuction Cannula Site Scars

Your scars are indented (atrophic) because they were left open and allowed to heal secondarily. The skin edges were not closely approximated, and subsequently healed slightly separated. The scars can be revised, and the plastic surgeon that did your liposuction should be able to help you with that. I would allow the scars to mature for 3 - 6 months. The scars should then be soft and the pink coloration will have faded. The indented scar can then be excised, and the skin edges can be approximated with two layers of sutures to prevent this type of healing from occurring again. While scar healing/maturation is occurring be sure to protect the scars from the sun. 

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Scars on calves

Very hard to improve those posted scar photos. But you should see in person ANY boarded Plastic Surgery to evaluate 

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Scar after liposuction

1. Wait for the redness to subside which will happen between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on your skin type.

2. Depending on the degrees of indentation, the scars can be surgically revised-excision and layered closure.

3. If you are prone to develop hypertrophyc scarring, the early treatment with silicon scar patches, scar guard, and or fractional lasers will give a better outcome.


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