Is it possible to (noticeably) correct my deviated midline with just veneers? (Photo)

I've been through ortho treatment in the past,the works. Now as an adult, I'm not sure how this happened as I didn't notice it much before but I figure it had to do with my childhood crossbite. So... not really wanting more ortho treatment at this point. I'm 23 and am hoping just veneers can help my case (I'm not looking for PERFECT but it'd be great to not have a tooth in the middle of my face/ that ridiculous slant). Thank you!

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Shifted mid-line, will veneers fix #DrSarahThompson

In your case, I would probably recommend braces.  If you do not want braces, you may need to get you front tooth pulled, in order to line up your mid-line.  Pulling perfectly healthy teeth in the front upper jaw is not the best thing for you in the long term, but it would fix your issue for right now.

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Given your picture, I would not recommend it.

The lowest part of your upper lip is called the cupid's bow.  At the base of the 'bow' is ideally where your midline should line up.  It's a little hard to tell from the photo but you seem about 3 -4 mm deviated to your left.   You could 'minimize' the appearance of it being off-center by doing veneers but if you want it fully lined up - you must do braces.


I know the thought of going back into braces at 23 is unappealing, but it is really the best way to correct you problem. To correct your problems with veneers will require a lot of tooth removal and this can lead to problems down the road. Veneers may seem like a shortcut but in the long run you will be much happier that you did the treatment properly. I would schedule a consultation with an orthodontist that has a reputation for being very meticulous in their treatment. 

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