Not enough front density after FUE HT. How long can I wait for second HT? (photos)

Late 20's male. Had 1300 FUE HT in June 2015 for the front hairline and bald spot. I don't see enough density in the front hairline and would like to get a second HT. How long should I wait? Will more hair grow in? Could I have a second one soon? I take Biotin, Saw Palmetto and use Rogaine. I want to be cognizant that I might lose more hair too and could have a weird look years from now. Thanks for your answers!

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Considering a second Hair transplant

I would wait 6 months before considering another hair transplant since all transplanted hairs are visible by that time and your surgeon can go between them and add more density. Usually1300 graphs are not enough to achieve the density you would like in the hairline and the immediate zone behind it.Most people would need at least 2000 to 2400.

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Thank you for your question. Per my previous post, please consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss the overall procedure. You may experience additional regrowth up until the 14-month post op mark.

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It is best to follow up with your doctor for a recheck before considering another surgery, especially since you never had a a go

It is best to follow up with your doctor for a recheck before considering another surgery, especially since you never had a a good understanding of what to expect from your first surgery.

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Not enough front density after FUE HT. How long can I wait for second HT?

Thank you for posting your question. At a year out, you can absolutely do another procedure, you want to make sure you wait at-least 12 months. Starting July, you should be able to proceed with a second procedure to add density to the hairline, and zone 1. Typically we use roughly around 2200 to 2500 grafts alone on the first 2 cm from the hairline going back. Continue with the multivitamins and with the use of Rogaine. Hope this helped.

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Need more density in the frontal hairline

If you had either fine hair or placing that was not compactly placed, the results are often inadequate fullness. This can be treated with another transplant with attention to closer placing of the grafts. I usually like to wait 6-7 months between transplants so that I can see every hair, where it is, and place the grafts in the best location

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Secondary procedure after hair transplant

It appears from the photos that you have very fine hair.  The creation of density with your hair caliper is difficult to achieve with one procedure.  Fine hair lends to very natural-appearing results after hair transplant but it also creates a challenge providing density.  1 year after a procedure is adequate to have a secondary procedure to further fill in the recipient area.  You may also want to consider low level laser light therapy to help slow down the progression of hair loss and help to thicken miniaturized hairs.  

Result after 1 Year

A second hair surgery needs 12 months if the operation will be performed on the same recipient site.On the other hand as the donor site is healed after 6-8 months it is possible to work on a different recipient site.
What I see on your photos 1300 grafts frontal hair surgery can not make a big difference.Indeed you should have got around 2000 grafts at least to have a major change.As you are young and hair loss is progressive you may use Finasterid and Minoxidil to slow down your hair loss.

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Timing for another HT

Jack - From the picture where you pull your hair up, it looks as though a fair number of what is left there are tranplants.  After a year, you certainly can be ready for another session of HT.  Being in your late 20s, it would be important to get a good family history of hair loss.  You may also benefit from compounded minoxidil products.  Best talk to your hair restoration surgeon about all the options that you have as you certainly may have more.  Best of luck. 

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