Do I need braces or other options like chin implants. Can you suggest which procedure works best for me. (photos)

Dear doctors, my problem is entirely aesthetic . However I have become more self conscious of it over recent years . My chin development seems to be very weak and my jaws are not visible at all. It makes my face look very round and devoid of any definition.i wanna know if braces would correct this issue. In case the answer is yes , will tooth removal be necessary. Or would it be more appropriate to go for a chin implant . Or something more like jaw alignment. Pls suggest the right procedure .

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Your esthetic options

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HI, thanks for sending your question. I understand your concerns and its important to address the position and alignments of the teeth first, prior to considering other surgical options like chin implants, etc. Since the teeth are not aligned properly it allows the esthetics of your face to suffer accordingly. Since the teeth are the support for the muscles of the face, its important to look closely at the current position of the teeth, and strategically   position them for optimal improvement. Many times in situations like yours by esthetically repositioning the teeth it gives a large overall improvement to your teeth and the esthetics of your entire face, including your jaw and chin. We routinely change smiles daily in our offices.
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