Pain in jaw and mouth after implant removal and bone graft

I had old implants for dentures removed a month ago along with cadaver bone graft. Took antibiotics, rinsed mouth and was feeling better. Noticed a week ago I started having cold like symptoms. Now I have bad jaw and mouth pain, white gums and headache. What could it be?

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Mostly likely it is a post-op infection you have acquired. A very thin chance of allergy to graft material which was suppressed due to medication post surgery and might have flared up once the course was over. Please see your dentist at the earliest.


your statement indicating chances of infection. so its my advice to visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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Pain after implant removal and bone graft.


This doesn't sound normal. Healing time is usually one week. Your symptoms should improve with time not worsen. It sounds like you have developed a post op infection.  The grafting procedure might be compromised.  Have your surgeon reevaluate the site as soon as possible. 

If the graft is compromised:
  • It will need to be removed,\
  • The  assumed infection can lead to pain at the site of the surgery
  • Pain can radiate to the jaw on the same side of the surgery  
  • The white tissue can be attributed to clotting or indicative of poor healing (infection). 
If the graft is not compromised:
  • You many need a different antibiotic.
  • Follow up appointment to re-evaluation the surgical site to rule the other potential issues.
Hope this is helpful. 

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Medhat Ghannam, DDS, FICOI
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Pain in jaw

Thin my experience it seems as though you could have an infection. Bone grafts are tricky and if the gum opened up even a little bit around the graft, you could be experiencing complications. See your surgeon 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
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Pain after implant removal.

This is unusual.  Implant removal is very similar to tooth removal in the symptoms experienced after the surgery.  Symptoms typically present for 2-5 days.  To have pain a month later is very unusual.  You should go back to your doctor to evaluate.  This can be infection of the graft, infection of the bone, trauma from something or something else.  The earlier you go it to figure this out the better.

Dan Hagi, DDS
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