How Much Does a Lower Face Lift Cost?

contemplating getting a lower facelift but wondering price ranges

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How much does a lower facelift cost?

Surgical treatment of facial aging changes must therefore be carefully individualized to match each patient's aesthetic needs and desires. No two 'facelifts', by necessity, are the same. In helping a patient to make decisions about plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation, I always examine and assess how each aesthetic area or 'unit' of the face contributes to an individual's overall appearance: the brows and eyelids, the cheeks or 'midface', the lower face and chin, and the neck. An individualized surgical plan is then developed which addresses each patient's specific concerns and needs.
Therefore, the price of a facelift will depend on exactly what each person needs and the time required to perform surgery. To select a plastic surgeon, take your time researching , visiting websites, view many, many before and after photos and speak to former patients.
Beware of doctors who discount their fees. Discounting the value of professional services, especially surgery, is not good marketing - it is a sign of desperation. The best plastic surgeons are still busy in this contracting economy, and they are not discounting their fees. At the same time, the most expensive surgeon is not necessarily the most talented, so as a consumer you still have to research this carefully. There is much more to consider than just the price in dollars that you pay: is your surgeon actually listening to you, do they truly understand the appearance that you hope to achieve, do you feel that he or she will be easily available and attentive once the surgery has been performed. If you don't have a good feeling, don't stick around to 'save money', go somewhere else.

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Face lifting costs

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I will echo many of the other sugeons answers on this topic and say that there can be a very wide price range depending upon the procedures performed, type of anesthesia, and if overnight stay in a hospital is recommended.  Price is obviously a very important factor when deciding if surgery is right for you, but please do not use price as the sole factor in determining your plastic surgeon- many surgeons are significantly less expensive for a reason.  In many cases, they either are new to the cosmetic side of plastic surgery and do not have many facial cosmetic patients, or they are in dire need of revenue and cannot afford to lose your case.

I would recommend visits with three board certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in your area.  They will likely have differing opinions about what would be best- a normal occurrence.  Believe it or not, I would also ask your hair stylist about what they have heard (or seen in the scalp!!) of their clients.  Then  narrow your choices down to two surgeons.  Call their offices and ask a few questions to see how responsive they are to your inquiries- a good office staff is almost as vital as a good surgeon when undergoing a cosmetic procedure.  You will be spending a lot of time with the staff as well as the surgeon so you need to be sure they  can address you needs in a timely manner.

Doing the above should certainly allow you to make a more informed decision about your surgeon.  This is your face, and you should choose someone who is not only an excellent surgeon, but an approachable person with whom you can feel comfortable talking.

I hope this helps

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Cost of a Lower Facelift

This is a tricky question, because not all facelifts are created equally. A limited lower facelift performed under local anesthesia or in the office will be significantly less expensive than a more complete procedure performed in a surgery center. In the San Francisco Bay Area, surgeon fees for a facelift range from $8000 to over $30,000. As others have said, however, cost should not be your first or only consideration. You should select a qualified, board-certified surgeon, who understands your concerns and goals.

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Lower facelift

This is a tricky situation, this surgery can be very effective but you must be a good candidate for it. The decision shouldn't be made by pricing alone but cost is always an issue. You'll find that there are companies that 'fast-track' people in and out of their office for low cost lower facelifts. Most times, those offices aren't board certified plastic surgeons. The surgeries typically look good for the first few months to two years but then the results sag and stretch, the scars widen and wrinkles are oriented in an unusual direction giving the odd, operated looks that you see so often out of hollywood. The reason for it is that lower facelifts can be done very quickly with minimal recovery since not much is done but skin stretching. The skin makes everything look tight...until it fails. Skin has no strength and it will fail.

This is why we do lower face and neck lifts that are more involved than just skin. The deeper structures must be tightened first, then the skin may or may not need to be tightened but it typically sits there in it's new location once the lower face is lifted and some of the extra slack needs to be removed.

Cost varies by surgeon, by geography, by experience, by location, by anesthetic, surgery center, etcetera. You can find this surgery around $8000 just about anywhere. If it's much cheaper. Buyer beware, there's a reason it is so much cheaper than average market value.

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Prices vary widely

Depending on the area you live and on the reputation of the surgeon you go to, the prices for a cheek and neck lift will vary widely. For high quality surgery you could spend between $8,000 and $25,000. Don't base your final decision on whom to go to on price alone. You don't need to go to the very highest priced surgeon to get great results but you certainly won't get the best surgery from the lowest priced doctors.

$ 7000-$ 10,000

Many factors impact total cost of lower facelift.  Surgery often requires liposuction of neck at same time as lower facelift. Many patients also benefit from use of a chin implant at time of lower facelift.  Such added modalities that benfit overall outcome from lower facelift add to the cost of procedure.
You should start with a consultation and take it from there.

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Cost of Lower Facelift in Atlanta

The cost of a facelift depends on the geographic location, the type of facelift needed, your surgeon's credentials, his/her revision rate, and your surgeon's experience and reputation. Facelifts can range from $4500-$20,000. Not all facelifts are the same and every person has a different facial anatomy and the approach for a facelift has to be individualized.  Asking to look at before and after photos may give you an idea of the surgeon's aesthetic judgement and how natural his or her facelift results are. Picking the right surgeon the first time around is worth the cost of a well performed facelift instead of a revision.

For Example, we specialize in Natural Facial Plastic Procedures such as our Natural Facelift and Natural Necklift to provide patients with a natural appearance to their face after surgery. Though our facelift costs are similar to others in our area, we provide and offer different types of lifts than they do. 

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How much does a lower facelift cost?

Costs for a lower faceclift will certainly vary depending on your location. Things to factor in for the procedure standpoint will be the facility fee, anesthesia fee, surgeon fee, other fees (e.g., liposuction, surgical garment, addition of other surgical procedures, etc.).  A range in price ~$8000-25000 is not unreasonable.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you in determining which procedure(s) would be the right one for you. Cost also depends on the complexity of your case and how much work would need to be done to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing result for you. Good luck!

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Cost of a lower facelift

The cost of the lower facelift is dependent upon 3 factors. These 3 factors are doctors fee, anesthesia doctors fee, and the operating room fee. It is always best choose quality over price, since this is your face and it's important to get it done right the first time. For many examples of what her facelift can accomplish, please see the  leak below to our photo Gallery

William Portuese, MD
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Lower Facelift Cost--West Palm Beach

The cost of a lower facelift, as with other cosmetic surgery, will vary according to area of the country, experience and reputation of the surgeon, extent of the surgery, where it is performed (in-office surgical suite or outpatient surgery center), and type of anesthesia.  In my practice in West Palm Beach, a standard lower facelift would usually cost between $4,500 and $6,500 all-inclusive.  This includes the surgeon's fee, the facility charge for operating room personnel and supplies, and the anesthesiologist's fee.  This is a general range, and the actual fee could be slightly lower (less than $4,000) or higher depending on various factors.  Remember that a lower facelift is more than just a necklift.  It includes work on the neck and the lower half of the cheek.

Richard G. Schwartz, MD
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