Do my veneers look uneven/unflush with each other (the front two). And do you see any translucency? (Photo)

I got my veneers put on about 2 weeks ago. At first I thought they looked good, as I got to look in a quick mirror for a minute before they cemented them on. Prior to this I had gotten a wax up and they were too round, so I asked the dentist to square them off. My result came out nothing like my wax up and what he and I had talked about. First, rounder than I wanted. 2nd, one is thinner than other tooth and one tooth sticks out further than the other. Dentist says they are fine. No one has perfect teeth.

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Veneers uneven , addressing cosmetic restoration problems.

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Porcelain Veneers #9 should be redone besides the overall appearance of your smile and veneers are great but if you are concerned about how looks your left central incisor #9 it can be fixed very easily but your doctor will need to start the process removing it, taking impressions/scanning and wait for the lab to manufacture the new one with the time that implies to have again multiple doctor visits.

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Unhappy with veneers

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Your case illustrated the importance of the "try in" of the veneers prior to permanently bonding them.  You mention you did this very "quickly".  If you indeed did give your consent that you were happy at this "try in", then your dentist has a valid point in not correcting this issue without charging you. (Although I would not do this).  

Be assertive in advising your dentist that you are not happy with the 2 front teeth for the valid reasons which you describe and ask him/her how it can be fixed.  If he/she is unwilling then you must get a 2nd opinion to correct the problem.

Steven Goldy, DDS

Steven Goldy, DDS
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Follow up with your dentist

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First of all congratulations to you and your dentist on a gorgeous smile!!

Secondly,  I do see what you're concerned about. I don't think it's anything serious and it can be easily addressed. You should be ecstatic about your smile and in this case I don't feel your expectations are unreasonable. 

I would recommend you schedule a post op visit with your dentist and discuss you concerns. Some minor adjustments can deliver that perfect smile you're looking for!

Hisham Kaloti, DDS
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Can't judge veneers with a microscope

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Nothing is perfect. If you get a magnifying glass out, everything will fail under scrutiny. The posted photos look very good, and I'm sure none of your friends/family notice anything but a beautiful smile. Can they be redone and improved? Maybe. But some remakes end up looking worse instead of better.

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