Is It Possible to Change Shape of Your Nose Through Constant Picking?

I became obsessed with making sure my nose was clean and found myself always picking it as I hated the feeling of something in my nose. It got so bad that at times i was convinced there was boogers that i could feel but couldnt reach so i would really dig quite deep. This happened over a couple of years and I have now noticed a significant change in the shape of my nose, it is wide, my nostrils are now visible and quite large and the tip is very large. Has picking my nose caused this? Pls help

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Constant aggravation to the nose may affect it's shape

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Dear Babigirl,  This is a bad habit which needs to be broken prior to considering having surgery. You may affect the shape of the nose if you have caused structural damage from excessive manipulation. See a surgeon around you for a direct examination to see if any damage has been done to the septum. At this time a proper diagnosis and treatment plan may be made. Remember nothing smaller then your elbow should be put in your ears or nose which means leave the fingers out! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Nose picking changing shape of nose?

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Yes it may be possible if you are doing it that frequently so you should try to stop.  Also staph bacteria (sometimes the really nasty resistant strain) likes to live in your nose so picking it all the time may help to spread this booger of a bacteria to every thing that you touch.  Just stop.

Manipulating the nose may change its shape!

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Some people do have a nervous habit of picking (at their skin or inside the nose) that can be quite destructive. I have seen patients who have completely picked away their septums (the wall between the nostrils) from picking away at the tissue. This is a pathologic condition, not the usual mild nose cleaning that most everyone does, but rather an obsessive-compulsive repetitive action. If the septum is compromised, it can lead to shape changes (collapse) of the nose, and may be what you are describing. It is imperative that you see an ENT (otolaryngologist) or facial plastic surgeon who can diagnose this condition. You also may need psychiatric help or medication to help this condition before you pursue surgical correction.

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Picking your nose is a bad idea.

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You have two problems.  First you need to deal with this picking compulsion through psychotherapy.  Then you need to see an ENT doctor, to see what damage you have done to your nose.  Good luck.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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