Big Yellow/green Stretchy Boogers Coming out of the Deep End of the Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Im exactly 2 weeks post op. Ever since 3 days ago, as my sinuses have started to clear up, I have started experiencing these big, gooey in texture, yellow/ green booger looking things comings out of the deep end of my nostrils. Now, they feel very stretchy in nature with streaks of blood in it at times. The color leads me to worry about an infection being present. Note: They're not runny. I have to pick it out by digging pretty deep into the end of my nostrils with a Qtip. Is this normal?

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Discharge from nose after nose job

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I am not sure what is it that you have.May be some thick discharge from your sinuses if any sinus surgery was combined.

Best to take the opinion of the surgeon who operated on you.

Your nose however looks good.



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This question can only be answered by your surgeon. Without seeing and examing you its very hard to say what is going on.

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