What is causing the "ledge looking," flatness on the bottom of my breast? (photos)

52 years old, 3rd BA (1st ever under muscle, for asymmetry ) w Mentor 350 L Br and Mentor 325 R Br Silicone. Developed infection in RB at 4 weeks post op. Infection cleared and now I am left with flatness under boobs and creases. Did I bottom out (last Q&A indicated R bottoming out and double bubble). Can my revision be done at 12 weeks? Would you suggest a aerolar reduction for symmetry? Also, what is the best skin treatment I could have to help with freckles and sun damage.

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Asymmetry likely will improve

Thanks for the pics and ? I'm not sure or your entire history, but I'm guessing you have had an operation before this one. The ledge you are referring to is probably from where the breast pillars were approximated to reinforce the lower pole and provide stability for the implant. I suspect this will smooth out over time. The picture that would be helpful is one that is straight on without your arms extended (No Selfie). I don't see a lot to correct and would wait a minimum of 6 months before even considering a revision. This should be discussed with your surgeon. Best of Luck!

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