Cartilage Tip Moving?

I'm 2 weeks post op and I'm concerned about my tip. I was told to do nasal exercises to make sure my bones heel in the right place and I'm worried that I may have caused damage to my tip. When I lightly press on the tip on one side of my nose (the side with more swelling) I can feel a pop and cartilage moving that I cannot feel on the other side. It's also almost like a grinding sensation when I push in and out. Did I do something to damage the results, or is this normal?

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Nasal exercises are used by some surgeons for rhinoplasty

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Properly performed, nasal exercises should have no effect in damaging the surgical result. If there is some unusual clicking or movement of tissues, have the surgeon re evaluate the nose.

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2 Weeks Post Rhiniplasty

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Thank you for the question. You are very early in your healing. At this point there is significant amount of inflammation and scarring at the operative site. Your sensations may can certainly be attributed to the healing processes, however without an in-person exam it is not possible to render an accurate opinion. I would recommend that you see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation and stop your nasal exercises, would like to know which in particular, for now.

I hope this helps. Best wishes.

Cartilage Tip Moving 2 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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   If the nose looks the same, you likely did no damage.  However, you need to be examined.  What nasal exercises are you performing?

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