Too Much Cartilage Removed on Left Side of Nose Where my Nose Bone Meets my Nostrils, Is It Possible to Correct This?

15 months post op for my first rhino revision. To summarize both surgeries. The cartilage from the left side of my nose was aggressively removed to treat a minor breathing problem. this lead my nose to become rounded with visible Marks of the loss of cartilage around my left nostril. wNt goal is to add cartilage to the left side of my nose where the nose bone meets the nostrils. Is it upper lateral cartilage and lesser alar is missing? If that's so can it be corrected? Or something different?

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Too much cartilage removed.

It is hard to visualize from your description where the excess was removed. Pictures would help.

However, either upper laterals can be fixed with spreader grafts, or the alar cartilages reconstructed with either ear, septal, or rib cartilage.

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Restoring structure to the nose after reductive rhinoplasty

From what you are describing it sounds like the lower lateral cartilage was over-resected.  Structural cartilage grafts can be used to correct this and restore the integrity of your nose.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty options

I agree with others that it's hard to give you surgical plan without a clear picture of what you describe.  However it sounds like you are seeing scarring of the skin/soft tissue envelope over at least one portion of the nose, and lacking cartilage support/structure in another.  Those are things that typically can be addressed only partially or completely with revision rhinoplasty.  Either septal or ear cartilage are possible, less likely rib.  And soft tissue can be redraped over a more structurally sound nasal framework.  Hopefully the last revision was at least a year ago, so that your tissue has had time to fully heal before considering yet another revision.

Kevin Robertson, MD
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Replacing Cartilage after Nasal Revision

Cartilage can be replaced after previous rhinoplasty surgery. Pictures would help us give you a more specific response. Go to my website for instructions on how to take pictures for nasal evaluation and then submit them to us.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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