Why does my nose look different from one side to the other? (Photo)

I've seen that is common for people to prefer their right-side from their left-side of the face, and that's exactly what's happening here. The problem here is my nose. It's not noticeable at first, but the right side looks Slightly crooked, but straight with the tip going slightly up. On the other hand, the second one doesn't have that crooked curve, but it seems weird to me because the tip of the nose goes down. I like the right-side better. What can I do to make them even?

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Nose asymmetry


The problem is that your nose is not symmetrical. The majority of us are not symmetrical and differences between one side and the other of the face are the rule and not the exception. In your case, the cartilages that form your nasal tip are a bit different and that is why one side looks better to you. I hope this helps.

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It is a normal variation

It is normal for both sides of the face and nose to be asymmetric.  Even plastic surgeons cannot guarantee perfect symmetry.  In rhinoplasty we correct the internal structure of the nose (with septoplasty to start straightening the nose and then use surgery techniques with sculpting and suturing and either adding (with cartilage grafts) or removing tissue to improve balance.

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Why does my nose look different from one side to the other? (Photo)

Rarely is a nose perfectly symmetric. Especially in cases where a bit of a hump is present on the bridge it is often not perfectly centered leading to a slightly different profile from side to side. Your tip cartilages that give definition to the tip are slightly different from eachother (as most people's are). These issues are best addressed through a rhinoplasty and are reasonable issues to address. Perfect symmetry however is rarely achievable, although improvement can be made. 

Jeffrey Watson, MD
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