Car accident after rhinoplasty.

In a car wreck 2 nights ago airbag hit my face. Didn't have injuries, my nose bled a little after & had some swelling felt tender. Also had little bruising on it. I'm 3 months pt. rhinoplasty. 2 days after it doesn't look crooked or broken. Looks pretty much the same from the sides and from the front. Just swollen. Swelling has gone down a lot, still a little more swollen than it was before the accident .What are the odds that this will mess up my results? is it just swelling from the trauma?

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Accident after rhinoplasty

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After 3 months, your nose is well healed.  Minor trauma wouldn't hurt anything, but a severe injury could. I would wait a couple days for the swelling to come down and then go see your plastic surgeon. Sorry you were in an accident and hopefully everything is still in place. 

Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal injury following rhinoplasty

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Sorry to hear about your accident.  If your nose looks essentially the same except that it is swollen, it's likely that you didn't do any severe permanent damage.  However, I'd recommend a quick visit to your plastic surgeon to check everything out.

Scott K. Thompson, MD
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