Midface lift looks very bad, not a smooth or nice! What went wrong?

When i pulled my cheeks up a bit, mu face looked a lot nicer. But 8 days after midface lift, i look horrible, I'm not looking better or younger but older & different. It's not smooth or Pleasanton look. I need to cover myself from my family.

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Still Early in Recovery Process

I understand your concern, but I encourage you to be patient. Without a photo or knowing the specific details of your procedure, it's not possible to offer more than general advice. I will say that in most cases, there is still significant swelling and bruising 8 days after surgery, although it depends on the techniques used. These types of side effects can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. If you remain disappointed in the results after a month, I would encourage you to then schedule an appointment with your surgeon to discuss your concerns. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your question. The midface lifting is engineered to accomplish a youthful face, which is heartshaped - wider at the cheeks and midface and gently contoured to a narrower appearance in the lower face. I suggest that you remain patient because most patients experience a lot of swelling and bruising up to two weeks after the operation. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon and make sure to discuss all of your concerns at that moment.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Midface lift takes about two weeks of recovery

Hi, sorry that you didn’t get the results you wanted with the midface lift.

It would have been helpful if you provided more description as what you shared was quite vague (i.e., looks very bad, looked horrible, looked different, Pleansanton look.”

A midface lift is a surgical option for helping an individual’s midface region look younger and healthier. It is a rather complex operation and like any surgery may possibly have complications. During a midface lift, excessive fat and skin may need to be removed. The removal of this tissue may be necessary because if left behind, it can make the area look rather bulky. Rarely do patients require repeat surgery. Fillers can be helpful – you may want to discuss with your doctor after some more time of healing.

With only 8 days of post op healing, you need to give the area of concern, more time to settle. Some patients may possibly not be completely satisfied with a midface lift since the post-operative changes can be rather subtle. For this reason, some patients opt to have additional surgery done to give their face an even more refreshed look. Please go see your doctor two weeks after the procedure.

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Midface looks bad 8 days after midface lift

It is not unusual that someone may feel they look horrible 8 days after a midface lift.  There normally is still a significant amount of swelling present at this time and this will distort the true appearance of the face.  It will take several months for you to have a better idea of your results.  

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Recovery after midface lift

Sorry to hear about your concerns.  Without looking at photos or having a more specific understanding of what is going on, it is difficult to say what and if there are any problems.

One thing to keep in mind that is very important:
The recovery time of most midface lifts can last several weeks (around 6 weeks or so).  During that time, you can expect to experience swelling and some skin changes.  The result of the swelling can make your face look different than want you expect the end result to be. 

I recommend you talk to your surgeon.  He/she can give you a very good idea of the recovery time and what to expect.  Also, give yourself several weeks to heal before considering what you have as the final result.  Remember that while the surgery itself is important, the healing process is equally as important.

Kyle T. Yamamoto, MD
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8 days after mid face lift, not happy

Without photos it is difficult to give you an opinion.  Things that would be necessary to know would be the placement of incisions, the type of lift, including direction of pull.  The specific aspects of surgery you are displeased with.  Because of this I would recommend that you follow up with your surgeon to discuss these issues.

8 days after any surgery, one is expected to have swelling.

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MId-face lift - horrible after a week

Thank you for asking about your mid-face lift.
  • The look we get when we pull up our skin is  not a look that surgery can create for us.
  • Mid-face lifts are well known to have a long and difficult recovery.
  • I strongly suggest that you see your surgeon and ask for an explanation of why you look as you do and what to expect as the healing progresses.
  • You will be very swollen after a week - it takes time for swelling to subside and a natural look to reappear.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Dear Almond butter

Thank you for your question!  Please speak with your surgeon.  It is very early - and you are just past the worst phase of swelling.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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What Happened?

Thank you for your question. Without photos its difficult to give you a specific answer but I can promise you that its still very early in your recovery and things will change significantly over the next few weeks and months. Swelling and bruising can make it difficult for patients to see the long term results that may be on there way. Speak with your surgeon regarding your concerns I have no doubt that they can reassure you and give you a detailed account of way to expect. Hang in there its early and time may be your friend
Best of Luck

Lee A. Gibstein, MD
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