My earlobes don’t match after Facelift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a facelift just several weeks ago and my sister noticed that my ears are now different, and don’t match one another. Is this normal? The left ear feels/looks like it is attached to the side of my face and angeles forward unnaturally ?

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Too Early for Conclusions

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Thank you for your question. It's still much too early to make any conclusions about your results or assume that this asymmetry is permanent. Your incisions aren't identical, and the rates at which they heal will be different, too. Wait until you're fully healed before evaluating your results. It's also worth noting that most people have mild asymmetries throughout their bodies, whether it be their eyes, nostrils, or earlobes. It's possible that your ears were always a bit asymmetrical. Again, it's best to wait until you've fully healed before worrying too much about it.

My earlobes don’t match after Facelift. Any suggestions?

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It is easrly to be concerned. Wait 3-4 months as they will change. If still asymetrical a simple revision should be possible under local anesthesia.

Asymmetry after surgery

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It is very common to notice asymmetry after surgery.  As long as it is not very excessive you should ignore it.Also remember your sister never looked closely at you ears before surgery. It is possible that she will have mild asymmetry between the ears even before surgery. Sometimes well meaning comments from family and friends can make you feel that there is a problem.

Once the healing is complete at 6 weeks then you can evaluate you ears again and if the need to be fixed I'm sure you surgeon can help you.

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Earlobes don't match

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It could be that there was some differences before surgery or created by the surgery. In a couple of months when things have healed a revision would be possible.


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Indeed your earlobes are asymmetrical.  But from looking a the shape of your lobes in the photograph, preoperative asymmetry is the most likely reason. Visit this with your doctor to see what they looked like prior to the procedure.  This typically goes unnoticed by the patient before surgery.


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Most patients do not notice the COMMON asymmetries of their faces/eye/ears/breasts prior to surgery. I am fond of saying that, "after surgery everyone thinks they are an engineer". It is common to notice these because of the newfound attention you are giving to examining and comparing these areas.

This may or may not be pre-existing, most likely has a temporary component and.......basically noone "sees" both of your ears at one time nor do they compare them to one another unless wildly different.

Be patient and reassess them in 4-6 months.

My earlobes don’t match after Facelift. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your post.  Allow several months of healing before getting a better idea about your result.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and make a comparison to your preop photos.  Ultimately, if you're still dissatisfied, revision can usually be easily performed.  Good luck.

Earlobes After Facelift

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Give yourself several months to heal after surgery.  The next time you meet with your surgeon ask to compare before and after photos.  This can be corrected with minor office surgery.

Earlobes after facelift

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First, I would give it several months to heal to see how things settle. I would also compare them to preop photos. If they are still different then perhaps they can be adjusted to better match once they have completely healed.

Earlobe asymmetry after facelift

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It is not unusual to see minor degrees of asymmetry after facelift surgery. Give it some time to continue to heal, soften and relax and if the earlobe asymmetries persist, an earlobe reduction on the larger side can be performed to even things out. This can be achieved under local anesthesia, and most plastic surgeons do not charge for simple revisions under local. Best of luck with your continued healing and I hope you are enjoying your result

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