Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

I had liposuction of the thighs and buttock done to help my lower body fit my upper body. The doctor took off way to much and tried to "improve my gluteal crease."

It resulted in loose skin and ptosis as well as indentations near my hip bones. Is there a way to fix that with fat grafting? Is there a way to get my money back if it resulted in a deformity?

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Drooped buttocks and fat injections

You must be examined to determine the extent of fat loss and ptosis or dropped buttock. IT is possible that fat injections can provide improvement for some patients with such a condition.

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Fat injections are part of correction of buttock ptosis but the results are unpredictable.

Droopy buttocks may be helped by fat injections but the amount of "take" of the graft is unpredictable.  Often, several different treatments will be needed for best results.  If the buttocks has sagged a lot, a direct life might be indicated.  It does demand a generous incision so the benefits need to be carefully considered relative to the surgical costs.

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Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

The appearance of glutteal (Buttock) ptosis can be due to many reasons.  Without a physical exam it is very difficult to determine which procedure is best for you.  It can range from surgical excission of excess skin, to fat transfers with accompanied liposuction to the areas.  I would see your original surgeon and explain the concerns that you now have. 

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Liposuction Revision

Although liposuction appears to be a simple procedure, it can result in contour irregularities in best hands, but especially if done by a non- board certified plastic surgeon.  Liposuction revision can be done to correct these contour irregularities.  This often may involve further liposuction, fat transfer, or skin excision.  An in person consultation is your best appraoch.  We have done several buttock and bannana fold corrections.  These can be seen on our buttock gallery page below.

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