Butt Thread Lift: Could It Have Worked?

I had a butt Thread Lift. It has been a nightmare you cannot imagine. Now, three surgries later, my butt still looks the same, and it cost me $6,500. Is it even possible for this procedure to work?

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Yes it does work but needs the right type of Silhouette threads and a 2 staged procedure

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. The new buttock lifts are best done with the 2-0 prolene Silhouette threads which are not barbed but multiple knots with adjacent cones which are sooooooooo much stronger than any previous barbed threads. Also the procedure is done in 2 stages. The first stage is placing the Silhouette threads under local anesthesia. There is no down time and takes about 1 hour. If additional volume is needed then fat injections can be done at this time as well. The threads sit under the skin in the fat layer for a month to form fibrous tissue around the knots and cones. Then 30 days later , stage 2 is pulling the threads up to elevate the buttocks and tying them down . Again all under local anesthesia only. Cost runs roughly $5,000.

New procedures and new techniques are always being developed. This is a great age we live in and this is a great forum for doctors and patients to hear about new stuff that helps us all.

Good Luck,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thread Buttock Lifts

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Generally thread buttock lifts are not long lasting and have minimal corrective power - this means that they sometimes aren't the best answer for most patients.

Traditional buttock lifts are complicated by long down time and large scars.

Brazillian butt lifts are a way to contour the buttocks so that fat can be taken from an area where it isn't desired (usually the abdomen) and placed in the buttocks to improve the contour. This also provides a lift.

Both traditional and brazillian techniques are longer lasting and have a substantially longer track record of effective results than thread lift techniques. I'd be curious to know if your thread lift was done by a Plastic Surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Butt Thread Lift: Could It Have Worked?

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Thread lifts have been used with mixed results in the face, where the weight of the soft tissues being lifted is almost insignificant.  The buttocks, however,  are much too heavy to rely on threads to lift them.  There are two options to give a more lifted look to the buttocks.  One is adding volume with fat grafts or gluteal implants.  More volume will make the buttocks appear fuller and more lifted.  The second option, lower body lift surgery, works especially well in cases of significant sagging of the hips, outer thighs, and buttocks where skin removal is necessary to achieve the desired lift results.

Paul Fortes, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock Augmentation Options

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Although Thread Lifts have had some success, albeit limited, for the face, their ability to "lift" larger and heavier anatomic structures is highly questionable.   Additionally, Fillers for buttock augmentation pose two potential major problems: 1) cost prohibitive - if the surgeon is using an authentic medical grade filler than the cost for any significant result will be $150,000.00+ and 2) high rate of  complications - such as infection, movement/migration of the material, and/or hardening of the material.  Best to stick either two tried and true methods: 1) Fat Transfer, unfortunately only about 1 out of every 50 patients that I see have enough fat for this technique (because about 60+% melts away during the first year) or 2) Buttock Implants which can actually create a very predictable, permanent, safe, and satisfying result but only when done by a surgeon extremely experienced in the technique.  Make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon whom does both procedures so that you receive a professional unbiased consultation.  Best of luck...RAS


Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Butt enhancement: Threads or Fat?

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There have been many techniques which use threads to create a lift and claim good results. Whether in the face, breast or body, thread techniques have difficulty achieving lasting results. Simply put, the threads can't beat gravity. While you might see an improvement for a few months, my experience has been that after one year it's difficult to tell the before photo from the after.

When it comes to buttock enhancement, I prefer fat transfer. Fat transfer to the butt gives patients two benefits in one operation. First, the fat has to be harvested for transfer using liposuction which improves the contour of all the areas being suctioned. Usually the abdomen, hips, flanks and outer thighs will improve. Second, the buttocks get augmented with a very soft, natural looking and feeling tissue - your own fat. There is no more natural technique than fat transfer for butt augmentation. The combination of shaping the butt with liposuction and adding volume with fat grafting can achieve fantastic improvements.

Threads seem like a great idea - no surgery, no downtime, etc. The results simply don't seem worth the investment in my opinion. Fat transfer to the butt does require surgery, but the results are worth the investment.

I hope this info helps!

Adam Rubinstein, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer and liposculpture usually works very well

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I have personally never performed this procedure. I think that fat transfer to the buttock with liposculpture of the surrounding hips and thighs will often give patients the results they desire, in a safe, effective and reproducible manner.

While I do not practice in California, I would happy to refer you to some excellent Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in either northern or southern California that could evaluate you should you wish to have an examination.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Threads to lift your butt?

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I have seen a couple of patients who have had Thread Lifts for the buttocks as well as the thighs and even for a tummy tuck. I think that they have been used to try to lift just about every part of the body. They may work in some situations, but I can't speak from experience as I have never inserted them.

Unfortunately, I have removed them. The reason these patients came to me was because they didn't work. Removing all of the broken and infected threads can be a nightmare. As far as "could it have worked?" I don't really know. I am skeptical as to the ability of tiny threads supporting the weight of ones buttocks or the pressure of sitting on them without breaking.

I'm not sure that the Brazilian Butt Lift is the correct procedure for you. It is a great procedure, but I don't know the size or shape of your buttocks. The procedure will make it bigger as it lifts it up. If you don't want it bigger, then maybe a skin tightening procedure would be better.

Buyer beware

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I'm sorry to hear that you've had such an awful experience. Multiple procedures all leading to a result you're not happy with sounds like a nightmare.

I've personally not heard of this procedure. There are many procedures, products, and panaceas being marketed.
Liposcultpure and fat transfer are very effective to reshape the buttocks. Some patients may also require more extensive surgery, such as a lower body lift with gluteal augmentation with a dermofascial flap. It's important for patients to develop a strong relationship with a well trained physician who can help them decide what is the right treatment.

Edward S. Lee, MD
Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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