I Have Butt Dents Even Though I Exercise, and Seems to Get Worse With Age. What Can I Do?

im 43 i have a dent in each butt cheek,, the right worse than left,, i exercise and nothing works well,, the older i get the worse it seems,, im a hyper and active person, but i still have the dents,, i dont want to go as far as a butt lift, but what about a small fat transfer,, how much is that

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Buttock Dents

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It sounds like you are a great candidate for fat transfer, Taking fat from your abdominal area, flanks or back. We could fill in those dents in your buttocks that your not happy with, and re shape it to a perfectly round and symmetrical one.

Buttock Dents - Cellulite Treatments

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Buttock dents or depressions can be improved with fat grafting.  This process removes fat from an area of excess and transfers it to the area of depression.  Cellulite and skin irregularities can be improved with non surgical treatments such as Venus Freeze.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Fat Transfer to the butt

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Moving your ownf fat to your buttock can be a valuable method to correct soft tissue irregularity (dents) and can improve the shape as well.  A consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with experience in fat transfer would help you figure out the best option for yourself.

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Fat transfer to feix Butt "Dents"

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Very difficult to tell without a picture, but a fat transfer does sound like a good idea and i have performed many of theses procedures to fill dents and divots in the rear end and they have almost universally turned out well and have been a good permanent long term solutions. the amount and price will be up to your surgeon that you select.

Correction of buttock "dents"

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A photograph would be extemely helpful, nonetheless based on my experience with other patients, my guess is your are indeed a good candidate for autologous (using your own) fat transfer to fill in these "dents".  Best of Luck...RAS

Fat injections to the buttocks to correct buttock irregularities

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Fat injections to the buttocks are ideal to correct buttock irregularities. An added advantage is liposuction to obtain the fat, which is usually obtained from the back, flanks, or medial thighs.

Fat transfer may be the best option

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If you have some excess fat elsewhere a fat transfer mayy be the best option.

On the buttocks, graft take is mostly very good, and fat grafts are not burdened with any of teh problems surrounding foereign bodies, nor do the require scars.



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