Hot Water Scar

I got burnt by hot water when I was young.  I got surgery and it left me with a scar.  What can I do to remove it?  

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Burn scars and repairing or improving burn scars on the body

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Red burn scars can be treated with pulsed dye laser.  In my practice, I often use a combination of IIT and fractional laser for white old burn scars. 

Scar revision for hot water burn

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Without seeing the scar it si difficult to provide you with recommendations. We can never eleiminate a scar but we can make it less noticeable, conceal it along normal anatomical landmarks, soften,. flatten, lighten or change the direction.

No Surgery can erase scars

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RE - "I got burnt by hot water when I was young. I got surgery and it left me with a scar. What can I do to remove it? " It sounds like you had a full thickness (Third degree) burn which required removal. Such burns are usually treated by replacing the burned, dead skin (eschar) with a skin graft.

Unfortunately, no surgery or device (laser etc) can erase a scar. In some cases, we can make the scars look better and more acceptable but complete removal / erasure of the scar is still an impossibility.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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