Child Scar from Barbed Wire Fence

My 7yr old daughter, hit a barbed wire fence and now has a gash across her check. The doctor at the hospital used glue and put steri strips across the cut (no stitches needed). Any idea what kind of scar she will have and if it will heal okay? What can we put on the scar afterward to make the appearance less?

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Childhood Facial Scar Treatment

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Injuries, especially in children, are always troubling. Generally, avoid sun exposure and follow the instructions of your physician to maximize healing after facial injury. Speak with a plastic surgeon now in your area to help determine appropriate options during the healing process to minimize scarring. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can he/she determine appropriate options for you.

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Child scar from barbed wire fence

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Hard to answer. Why not seek a plastic surgeon's in person opinion than over the internet without a photo? Seek this in your area.

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Child scar

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It is hard to predict what the final scar will look like. It may take a year or more to mature and soften.  The best thing to do is follow with a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist if there are problems with healing. Some recommended pressure dressings, others recommend silicone gels, and silicone sheeting.  Sun block is also recommended to avoid hyperpigmentation form the sun.

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