I am using Embrace for the first time and notice that on the second day some air bubbles and steam had built up, is that normal?

I had my embrace done Friday August 22 and on Saturday morning I noticed some air bubbles, it also looks like where the air bubbles are it created an air space for steam to build up.. I also noticed that the incision had spread apart. Can someone help me out here.

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Air bubbles

Hello Patty. We've observed both issues in the office too and it seems normal - especially if it's been on your body for a while. As long as you Embrace is still adherent well then it should be working. Best, Dr. Aldo

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Air bubbles

This is normal.  It is not necessary to remove the product as long as the edges are well adhered to the skin.  If you are concerned about the appearance of the incision it is best to contact your surgeon for advice.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Embrace Active Scar Defense

When wearing Embrace Active Scar Defense, it is normal to see air bubbles and condensation. As your skin breathes under the scar device, air bubbles can form. Also, when showering or exercising, condensation can develop. Both of these signs do not implicate the need to remove the device or that it is not working. As long as the edges of the strip are fully adhered to your skin, Embrace is working. If you have noticed a separation in your incision, it is important to follow-up with your board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure you are healing properly. He or she can evaluate you and reapply the device if needed. Good luck in your recovery!

Jerome H. Liu, MD
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Embrace Can Improve the Appearance of Scars

Embrace is a newer scar therapy system which can really improve the healing of scars after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.  Scarring, especially thickened scars, can occur due to tension on the skin edges during healing.  For example, when a tummy tuck is performed, the skin is closed tightly.    This tightness translates to "tension".  Wounds under tension heal with thickened scars in some people or lead to wide scars.

The Embrace dressing is a clear bandage which takes the tension off of the wound during the healing process.  The dressings are a bit tricky to apply, so the plastic surgeon should show you the best way to apply.  We offer this service to our patients so that the system works well.  If a little air forms or there is some perspiration which develops, that should not be  problem.   The key is that the wound should be sealed and appropriately healed before applying so that there are no wound problems.  The dressings are changed weekly for about 8 weeks.  If you take good care of them, they really can last a week.

We have seen some great results when the Embrace system is used in the first few weeks after surgery.  It is less effective if used a month or more after surgery.  Check out the link to the company's website for more info.  Good You Tube videos are also online.
Good luck with your healing!

Stephen Bresnick, MD
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Hi Patty,
I am not familiar with Embrace but would like to know more about this ?device. Can you tell me more about the device, how it was installed, was it installed by a plastic surgeon, what are the goals of its use?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Sheldon Lincenberg, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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